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This weekend was quite enjoyable. I didn't do much productive homework, although I finished a response paper well in advance, to make the week from hell less, well, hellish. And I knit. I'm over halfway done with my buddy Steph's Slytherin Scarf. Since I hung out with Laura all weekend, we ended up watching all six hours of the Pride and Prejudice miniseries, and swooned over Colin Firth for just as long. (On an amusing side note, I saw a newspaper advertising the new version of Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley... and it called the movie "Pride and Perjudice" tee hee!).
(Image snagged from here, an awesome P & P Site)

On Saturday, as part of Freecycle, Laura and I got over 200 books! After searching through, I managed to get quite a few gems: some children's books, some old-school classics, such as a 1972 edition of Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles and other classics to enhance my collection! And I also snagged some old back issues of Martha Stewart Living! By no means a complete collection, but a few sweet issues with ideas and colors that make me weak at the knees. Whee!

Yesterday, Steph's wonderful parents took a group of us to the Hyde Park Bar and Grill (THANKS!!!!) and then to Quack's Bakery, which is just around the corner from HP B&G. OH. MY. GOD! The pumpkin cheesecake, the brownies, the pumpkin tea bread, the old fashioned oatmeal cookies! If you live in the Austin area, definitely check it out! (Corner of 43rd and Duval, I believe).

Finally, this morning is chilly and cold... so it's most definitely time to bust out the knitwear. I'm donning my Jayne hat, dragon scale gauntlets, and perhaps one of my handknit scarves to pull together the doubtlessly mismatched nature of it all. ;-) And to top it off, my first class today was cancelled! Free T-Shirts and a little bit of knitting before my other class of the day makes me so happy!

Have a Great Day!