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For those of you who use Internet Explorer, I hope you consider switching to Mozilla Firefox.

I'm not getting any sort of benefit from blatantly advertising my favorite web browser, but if you switch over, you will. You'll get faster navigation speeds, way fewer popups, and far fewer security breaches. Not to mention a tabbing system which declutters your Start Bar in Windows, extensions that let you customise your web browser experience, and a built-in Google search bar that doesn't have loads of spyware attached to it. Best of all, it's 100% free!

For you Firefox users, and those who've made the switch, here are some wallpapers to spread the love:

All taken from

And for you who are up to spreading the word: SpreadFirefox and Explorer Destoryer. The latter is for people who actually want to make a little money by helping people make the switch to Firefox. I'm not affiliated with it, I do it just because in my opinion, people deserve great browsing, and I don't care if I benefit.

So spread the safe, fast, free, wonderful web-browsing love!