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Happy New Year

It sure has been awhile since I updated. Let's see, between then and now, several events transpired, both good and bad.

1. Christmas
- Presents included four puff-balls of baby blue angora yarn, Vintage Knits, Marie Claire Idees, the 2006 Knitting-Pattern-a-Day calendar, some clothes, and tea.

2. Disney World
- We explored all the parks, watched fireworks at Magic Kingdom that made me cry with emotion at the beauty of it all, ate at the Japanese Pavillion (and squealed with delight at the knitting kits available at the Norwegian Pavillion) in Epcot, and got a little queasy on the Star Wars ride in Disney-MGM studios.

3. New Year's
- We saw one of the most fabulous displays of fireworks at the Disney-MGM Studios park, and then my brother and I decided to be clever and take a "short-cut" to avoid the collossally long lines for the buses back to our hotel, and ended up spending an extra hour in line. But at least the fireworks were lovely.

4. Emergency eye surgery
- My dad had a detached retina, and all went well with the surgery. Now he's recovering, but if you can, send good vibes this way for his full and perfect recovery.

5. Knitting and New Year's resolutions.
- Pictures will come for these soon, including photos from Disney, as well as photos of the 4 projects that I have going at once. Not to mention some descriptions of the books I'm trying to get under my belt before the new semester starts in a little over a week.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, a safe and happy New Year, and are excited about what 2006 has to bring!