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Back to School and the Knitting Parade

Two days till the first day of classes of semester number 4 at UT Austin. It's so exciting!! I just witnessed a lovely display of fireworks outside my window, since the Texas Longhorns are National Football champions this season, and of course, we have to celebrate it.

My dad is doing much better with his eye, though his vision improves quite slowly day by day, and his frustration at not being fully recovered was palpable in the week I took care of him.

In that week, not much of anything got finished, though a little progress was made on several WIPS, and now, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you a long-promised project parade. (All pictures taken about 3 or 4 days ago, when there was sunshine at home in Brownsville).

My super luxurious silk/ cashsoft/ alpaca minisweater deux is coming right along. I've personalized it a bit from number 1, including the seed-stitch edges, and bust coverage that begins a bit earlier. I also have some gorgeous vintage mother-of-pearl buttons purchased at an antiques store in Houston on our way back from Disney. I'm so excited about finishing this, and wearing it.

A few other alterations include lenghtening the sleeves a tad to about the middle of the upper arm, instead of cute capped sleeves. One thing you might notice is that I'm using cream-colored alpaca and cashsoft, and the minty green silk. I was initially going to use some lovely lime green alpaca, but the two shades of green clashed a little. This white with subtle green has equal the softness, and a bit more elegance than the other combination. I think I have to purchase another skein of white alpaca, in order to make a lacy-spiderweb something-or-other at some point.

Here's another view of the lovely texture as well as some beautiful get-well flowers my dad's boss sent him upon hearing of his surgery. (His boss is such a nice guy, I made him some cookies!) I also really like this picture too. :)

Next in line is the Natalya gauntlet. I've completed number one, and have not progressed too much on number 2. Second Sock/Gauntlet/Mitten syndrome is well an evil to avoid. However, my dorm room gets so freaking freezing that I might need to get my butt in gear just so that I don't get frostbite. The cables and thumb gusset are really spectacular addition to the pattern. Although the gauntlet reminds me of hobo gloves, the warmth and beauty of it quickly dispels that thought from my mind.

Alright, part 2 will come tomorrow!!! I even have it written already, all I need to do is post it! So hold on to your seats and watch the knits continue!