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Holy Crap!

I just spent 100 dollars on yarn. At once. And it's for a crap-ton of yarn. 27 hanks, or almost 6000 yards of peruvian highland wool. That's verging on four or five miles of yarn. Miles. Whew, I need to breathe.

"What," you might ask, "is such a collossal amount of yarn for?"
"Well," I shall respond, "I love my dearest friend enough to knit her one of the most complicated and intricate bedspreads ever conceived by knit-kind for her wedding."

Yes, people. That's love. The foresight to realize my sanity might not remain intact. Enough love to realize that I probably will knit the bulk of it in September of next year, when the deadline steadily approaches. And yet I will do it anyway. And it will be a masterpiece.

My greatest wish is that once this ordeal is complete, my darling friend will cherish and love this thing and pass it down in her family, complete with stories of swearing, insanity, hilarity and triumph, all told in her inimitable style. And that anyone who sees it knows that each and every stitch was crafted with love.

I just won't think about if it accidentally gets felted at some point in time. Even if it's years later, I do believe my world will come crashing down should that happen. There might cease to be Annemarie.

Perhaps I should stop being pessimistic before this knitting marathon even begins.

I'm sure you all are incredibly curious as to what this mammoth undertaking will look like:

Here's the link, should you decide to tackle it yourself. It's beautiful, ain't it? Picture it entirely in cream-colored yarn, though. Hooray for Knitpicks and their high-quality inexpensive yarns. Otherwise, this might've cost my firstborn.

An aran bedspread. Wow. I like it.