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Classes have Begun

Well, I emerged from the beginning of classes feeling thoroughly exhausted. Not to mention that after braving the zoo, er, Co-op for textbooks, my energy for the rest of the day was totally sapped. I had returned some books and got substantial store credit to buy more books at the Co-op, but still had to pay 50 dollars out of pocket. And I still haven't bought 100 dollars worth of books, because the Co-op ran out!!! Overpriced textbooks should not be allowed. But oh well. Now I just have to get on with the reading that has already begun to accumulate... bleh.

Yes. Those are my books. I realize several are concerning Jesus. They are for my Jesus in American Culture class. It should be fun, since the professor is a former baptist, gay, and a total hoot! He's very knowledgeable, funny, and still apparently quite strict. Laura, darling that she is, recommended the class to me (this is her 3rd or 4th class with the man already). It promises to be like one of my religion classes from high school. Provided Dr. Miller is anything like Mr. Tony Cantu, I will be delighted with the class.

This semester is going to be FREAKING busy, I can feel it. I have a habit of writing my reading assignments/tests/etc in my planner at the beginning of each semester, so that I can see at a glance when an extra-special week from hell will appear. It's also useful to have all assignments in one place, as opposed to skimming through syllabi, which tend to disappear when they're most needed.

I think I've spoiled myself by taking relatively enjoyable and light-workload courses throughout my previous semesters, and not to mention 4 classes per semester for two of three semesters. This semester, I have 5, and I can predict the stress levels will skyrocket. Lots of reading, plenty of papers, and hopefully, fewer core-curriculum courses to take later on.

I fear what implications this will have for my knitting time...