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My Very First Time

I finished knitting and began blocking my very first lace project. I have another lace project on the needles and plans for many more on the way.

Currently on the needles is the Flower Basket Shawl. It appears that all knitblog-land has made this shawl, and for good reason! It's totally gorgeous! I'm following everything in the pattern exactly, except I'm holding one strand of cream and one strand of lime green alpaca together. It'll be my Key-Lime Flower Basket.

The finished project is Branching Out from Knitty. I wanted to knit my grandma a light scarf in purple. I had some mercerized crochet cotton in a lovely little violet color that I knew would be perfect. Since she and my grandfather are coming down for my sister's high school graduation in a week or so, I wanted to give her something nice, especially since I won't see her on her birthday.

I am also officially done with school for the semester! Out of four classes, I've made three A's, and I'm waiting on the final grade. Hopefully I kicked as much butt as I thought I did on that final exam (worth 50 percent of the grade, by the way). After the last exam, I went out and took pictures of some of my favorite sights on campus. Well, actually, of one building in particular. It's scheduled for remodeling next year, and I'm afraid they're going to get rid of what I most love about the building: all the wood paneling. They'll probably put lots of tile and light in the rooms, and presumably they'll make the elevator a tad larger (it can't be more than 3 by 4 feet square) and put ugly plastic moveable desks instead of the lovely 1930's style that are bolted to the floor. It's such a lovely building, though it does need a good remodeling.

A big congratulations to all my buddies who graduate this year, especially my knitting best-bud, Laura!