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Where a college student learns--and struggles with--the zen of knitting. It's the process, not the product, though the product is much more fun to wear!


Pictures Coming Soon!

I have begun the Zeeby bag, have finished the cloth Stitch N' Bitch Knitter's bag out of my own fabric, and made it to suit my own tastes, including giving it lacy trim, a pocket, and lining. I'm thinking of creating quite a few of these over Christmas Break and selling them for 10 dollars on Ebay. I'll post pictures of my quite-increasing stash, the Candy Stripe Scarf before and after, the progress on Zeeby, and new purchases of yarn I will make before going home for Christmas. FYI, there is only ONE place that sells non-acrylic yarns in the entire Rio Grande Valley, and it's in Mission, TX, which is about 45 mins away from home. So I'll stock up before I go home. However, I have discovered that the Michael's in Harlingen sells acrylic/mohair blends from Paton's yarn, so I do believe I will go there to scope out the situation, and I shall also explore Hobby Lobby and such. Besides, I want to make myself another shawl, but in black Red Heart yarn, so that later I can buy myself pretty little brooches to hold it this winter.



Candy Stripe Scarf Is Finished!

Crummy title, I know. However, it is true. I finished it last night, 1/2 an hour into my birthday. Since I didn't bring my yarn needle and extra yarn, I can't sew in the ends or sew up the scarf. And also, since I don't have the right knitting needles, I can't begin my Marsan Watchcap. I may be able to begin the Ribby Scarf and the Zeeby bag (Sorry, no links, but they're in Stitch and Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook) here in Brownsville, and then work on them on the way up to Austin. However, I'm switching cotton yarn for the Brown Sheep Co. one reccomended, I got smaller needles, and more yarn. I hope I have enough. I also want to sew a knitting bag as well. I may just have to go to Michael's and Wal-Mart and increase my stash a wee bit. One good thing about Harlingen Michael's: They have Paton's yarn, which although it's acrylic/mohair, they have blends, unlike red-heart which is entirely entirely squeaky acrylic. Maybe there's a yarn store I don't know about here in the Valley. I hope so. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! I promise pictures when I get back to Austin!


Here, scarfy scarfy scarfy!

The Candy Stripe scarf is going really well! I may actually finish it over Thanksgiving break! In order to avoid the terrible Suddenly-widening syndrome, I keep counting my stitches every time I do a color block so that I don't end up with a scarf that's 3 inches wide on one side and 5 inches wide on the other. I accompanied one of my friends, Rachel, from Intro to Ancient Egypt to her Chemistry class at 1, and we sat in Welch Hall just talking as her friends showed up. One of her friends, a girl named Mary Jo from Nigeria (cool!) was really curious about knitting, so I offered to teach her. I don't exactly know WHEN I can do that, considering I only have about 3 more class days to do it before finals, but I'm sure it'll all be alright. Ta Ta!


Mitch's scarf, finally done. Now I just need to add the fringe and it shall be finished!
The way I did it:
I used size 10 1/2 needles
I used about half a skein each of Red Heart acrylic yarn in Burgundy and Gold.
It's 20 stitches across and twenty rows before switching color
There are 19 stripes: 10 burgundy, 9 gold
Instead of weaving in the ends where I switched color, I tied a tight knot, snipped, and then secured it with a bit of clear nail polish to keep the knot from slipping apart

My pretty new yarn from yesterday. See this entry to read about the adventure I went through to get it.

I posted this yesterday on my other blog

Torture at its finest

Borrowing from the ever-hilarious Stitchy McYarnpants, here are elements of torture the knitter can use to make her significant other/children comply with her wishes. "If you don't do _____ I'll make you wear THIS!" Men, I advise not to anger any knitting girlfriends/wives. However, I advise you to marry them, because they can produce really nice, masculine, stuff that'll keep you warm like scarves, socks, and sweaters!

Granny Afghan in a Sweater. She did it. Look at her sickeningly sweet look that hides vile malice underneath. Like the bunny of doom. Fluffy on the outside, psycho on the inside. But this sweater.... It's just psycho on all sides!

Double Double yuck and trouble! His and Hers. Wrong in so many ways. Especially the matching shorts.

Return of the Yeti. Wrong. Now you see why wrong things don't deserve to stay knit?

Heinous. No matter what "changes" you make to the guys' sweater. That's what it will always be.

Like father, Like son. Does that mean the son's going to grow up and be the guy in the Gay Pride parade wearing rollerskates, a batman cape, and a sequined jock strap? And nothing else?

The Cream of the Crop. Wanna look like a pack of Skittles? I bet that guy is tasting the rainbow... him and his terrible tan.

Welcome to Chartreuse Knits!

After some *mild* complaints from some of my friends about my other blog (namely, that I was talking way too much about knitting), I decided to appease them and create a blog where I could rant, rave and be a blubbering idiot about all the joys in my newfound obsession: knitting. I'm hoping to attract knitters and other yarn-savants who may or may not be interested in who I am and what I knit. To all my friends: Beware, this contains more knitting than you may be prepared to handle! If you want to know more about my non-knitting related life, read my other blog: Chartreuse Sky. May you enjoy, and let the knitting begin!