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Where a college student learns--and struggles with--the zen of knitting. It's the process, not the product, though the product is much more fun to wear!


Thrifty Thrills

I love thrifting. I love it even more when there is a lot of selection at the stores I go to. I love it best when the company is excellent. Needless to say, I had a glorious time thrifting this weekend. I went with my dear friend Alexa and a friend of hers I was glad to meet named Maria. We spent about four hours together luncheoning and exploring the isles at Saver's and the Goodwill. It was a perfect way to decompress from the stress of the past week.

One of my latest obsessions has been simplifying my life while at the same time making classier choices in the things I decide to buy. For example, I try to buy posters that I know I won't regret having on my wall next year, or buying a pretty dress as opposed to a witty T-shirt. But I am such a sucker for things on sale. For example, at the mall yesterday, I got a lovely blouse that is a teensy bit too small because it was only 5 bucks. My reasoning is that I'll loose a bit of weight and all will be well. But still, I'm all about the low prices. So on Saturday I ended up getting some great and comfy plain t-shirts, an adorable blouse with roses on it, some brand new sequined flats, a cookbook, a beautiful embossed tin made from heavy aluminum and a series of lovely frames to house cross-stitch projects. It's things like this that make me very happy.


Life's Better with a Cupcake

Today heralds the beginning of a series of stressful and very hectic weeks. I have to coordinate various events in addition to schoolwork, and manage money for school groups as well as for myself. Coupled with meetings and visitings by my Daddy, and this week is quite full.

Today, however, is more relaxed than the rest of the week, and I felt like taking a walk around my neighborhood with the purpose of relaxing (and getting a carrot cupcake from Quack's bakery). The glorious temperature and lovely little houses along the tree-lined avenues of Hyde Park were exactly what I needed. Coupled with a delicious, moist cupcake topped with rich, smooth, cream-cheese frosting, and my afternoon was complete.

Blogland has a soft spot in it's heart for cupcakes. It really does. And I do too. When I feel upset, stressed, or in need of comfort, I often turn to sweet things. Diabetic in the making? Maybe.

May you all find a way to de-stress, and then get all your work done!